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50mm Drainage Cells

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A perfect solution for a subsoil drainage application

Drainage Cell Systems, available in  50mm, provide a perfect solution for a subsoil drainage application which can also be used to create a successful roof garden.

Drainage Cells provide a uniform surface as well as an internal void space for effective draining of excess water for vertical or horizontal applications. These cells have a shallow and effective drainage profile and ensure landscapers can make full use of mature plants on roof gardens which need soil depth and water retention properties.

The Drainage Cells are made from recycled Polypropylene, which is inert to soil-borne chemicals and bacteria.

Features at a glance

1.4 – 5 times more permeable than a gravel drainage layer.

2.Very high compressive load carrying capacity tested to 205.56 tons/m2.

3.Very high horizontal and vertical flow capacity due to its unique three-dimensional design.

4.Removes excess water in Green roofs, planter boxes, sports fields.

5.Maintains actual void size for effective drainage after backfill & compaction.

6.Easy to cut to size – product comes in single pieces or factory pre-clipped panels of 1.00 X 1.2 metres.

7.Lightweight +/- 2.5 kg/sqm compared to 250 + kgs/sqm of gravel for the same effective drainage and can reduce slab loads.

8.Creates a true void space between wall/slab and the backfill, creates a perch water table, providing air flow for ideal moist conditions for plant growth.

9.Hydrostatic pressure upon sub-grade walls is greatly reduced.

10.Easy to store and install – Product comes in pre-clipped panels of 1.00 Meter X 1.20 Meters.

11.Environmentally friendly made from selected recycled polypropylene.

12.Available in virgin HPP if required.

13.Efficient artificial aquifer recharges groundwater table through infiltration when used on natural ground surfaces.

14.Easy to Install – does not require skilled labour or heavy machinery