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Soakaway crates

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The product design is flexible, and can be combined into a pool by a plurality of modules, and the shape of the pool can be arbitrarily combined according to the requirements, and is not limited by the space.The utility model has the advantages of long service life, and the rainwater collection module is made of PP recycled material, which has the advantages of durability, aging resistance, high temperature and low temperature, and can adapt to various harsh environments.Convenient construction, short construction period. Because the module uses the method, which are connected with each other has the advantages of simple construction, no need of large machinery, and on-site assembly boxes can be achieved, the day of excavation and backfill.The bearing capacity is strong. In the same industry in China, YS module. The module structure bearing way ahead with superior bearing ability, so the pool above can continue as a green square, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, parking lot etc.rainwater collection module is made of PP recycled material, deep buried underground will not destroy the whole ecological environment system, maintenance is simple, and can be recycled.Compared with the traditional stainless steel sink and concrete pool, the rain water module reduces the time cost, transportation cost and maintenance cost.

Product Features:

Rainwater harvesting system means the entire process of rainwater collecting. It is becoming increasingly obvious to most governments around the world that the cost of providing a usable water supply is increasing rapidly. Decaying infrastructure and storm water system pollution is not only contaminating ecosystems but this valuable source of water is literally going down the drain. A solution for this problem is Rainwater harvesting, it is the process of collecting, storing, and distributing rainwater from the roof for use in and around the home or office.

 rainwater harvesting is designed with scientific structure and manufactured using recycled material. It is a lightweight structural component developed through years of research & development. Pressure strength per square meter is 25tons. Plastic modular is ideal for the construction infiltration tanks, reuse tanks, sub surface channels and lightweight void spaces for rooftop gardens, parkland, parking lot, road etc. We also can produce rainwater harvesting products according to our customers’design.

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