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Rainwater Collection Module

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Rain Water collection tank is a part of Rain Water collection and utilization system. Several Rain Water collection module units are combined to form an underground storage tank. Around the pool, according to the needs of the project, wrap impervious geotextile or permeable geotextile to form different types of storage tank, permeable pool and flood regulation pool. Using the Rain Water collection module to assemble the pool has the advantages of convenient installation, large bearing capacity, no breeding of mosquitoes, flies and algae, and can be dismantled and migrated to other areas to continue to use after being used in the temporary construction area. The equipment is suitable for the collection and utilization of Rain Water in large building districts, industrial parks, squares and factory buildings. Rain Water collection module storage tank can effectively store the collected Rain Water, these stored and water resources, after treatment, can be used to flush toilets, wash roads, irrigate lawns, water features to replenish water, and even used for circulating cooling water and fire water.

Product Features:

1. Rainwater harvesting module is flexible in product design.  The shape of the pool can be assembled arbitrarily according to the demand and is not restricted by the site.

2. Long service life: YS  rainwater collection tank is made of PP plastic, durable materials, aging resistance, high temperature, low temperature, and can adapt to various harsh environments.

3. Convenient construction and short construction period: Because modules are joined together, simple construction, no need for large-scale machinery, and can be assembled into boxes on site, which can realize Backfilling on the same day of excavation.

4. fast transportation: split design, module removable, saving valuable transport space.

5. strong bearing capacity: in the same industry in China, rain YS rainwater collection module is far ahead of the load. The module structure has super pressure bearing capacity, so the pond can continue to serve as greening, square, pedestrians and carriageways, parking lots, etc.

6. Environmental protection: YS rainwater collection module is made of recycled environmental protection PP material. It is green and environmentally friendly. Deep buried underground will not destroy the whole ecological environment system. It is simple to maintain and can be recycled.

7. Low Cost: Compared with the traditional stainless steel and concrete pools, YS Rainwater Module reduces the time cost, transportation cost and later maintenance cost in many ways.

Technical data sheet:



water storage volume(liters)


compressive strength(ton/m3)

working temperature(℃)




100% recycled material