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EPDM Pond Liner

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EPDM Rubber Waterproofing membranes is a synthetic rubber, synthetic tire blends as the base material, adding reinforcing agents, softeners, antioxidants, curing agents processing aids to promote mixing by kneading, mixing, extrusion, rolling and curing, shaping and other processes can be processed into sheet curling volume of new high elastic waterproof material.

Product Features:

1.Excellent durability: Resistance to UV exposure, high temperatures, oxidation.The service life under normal exposed environment can exceed 30 years.

2. High elasticity: YS EPDM pond liner can still maintain good flexibility at -45 C, so it can be constructed all year round under various climate and terrain conditions.

3. High elongation: YS EPDM pond liner has an elongation rate of more than 600%. It can be extended and conform to the special-shaped parts of the base surface, and has strong anti- settling ability.

4. Excellent resistance to hydrostatic pressure: 1.0mm thickness YS EPDM pond liner anti-hydrostatic pressure capacity can reach 15m water depth.

5. Convenient and fast construction: YS EPDM pond liner has a seamless width of up to 8m and a length of 100m, which reduces on-site seams and shortens construction time.With special modified molecular structure, it can be directly welded by hot air. The lap joint is firm and reliable. It can be welded according to customer requirements.

6. Low maintenance: YS EPDM pond liner requires little or no daily maintenance after paving.

7.Environmental protection: YS EPDM pond liner is an inert material,to be fish, plant and human friendly.

8.Root puncture resistance:Resistant to plant roots, anti punture, suitable for ponds and roofs.。