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PVC Waerproofing Membrane

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The PVC waterproofing rolls formulas are based upon polyvinyl chloride resin with other assistants added to provide flexibility and stability such as anti-oxidant,absorbent of ultraviolet light, plasticizer and plastic filling agent.

Products Specification:

1. Durable and good anti-ageing performance, above 30 years for roof, whilst 50 years for underground projects

2. Strong tensile strength, high elongation rate and good thermal dimensional stability;

3. Excellent flexibility at low temperature, high tolerance of extreme temperature;

4. Good root-resistant, can be applied for planted roofs;

5. Great plasticity and fast treatment with corners. Easy maintenance at low cost.

Divided by the product composition: homogeneous non-composite membranes (code H), with fiber composite backing sheet (code L), fabric reinforced sheet (code P), glass fiber reinforced membrane within (code G), glass fibers increased with fiber composite backing sheet (code GL)

Sheets of single-layer and laminated sheets with fibre felt or fibre as reinforced layers are supplied in our company.

Thickness : 0.75mm  1.0mm  1.2mm  1.5mm  1.8mm  2.0mm 

Length:    15m     20 m    25m

Technical data sheet:



PVC membranes form an effective barrier to liquid water or water vapor in the roof construction for industrial and civil engineering, underground engineering such as subway & tunnel, water conservancy such as water pools & ditch, shelterindustrial plants, steel plants, grain depot, land filling, dyke, sewage treatment and basement.